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Bunzola changing a generation

About Bunzola

Bunzola is the first Proof of Stake cryptocurrency dedicated to helping people become free of hunger. As a BUNZ token holder not only will you have helped our Food Aid Programs but you will benefit by gaining some extra tokens based on minimum coin age (the min coin age is 3 days)

Bunzola will hold 80 million token of the initial supply and sell the accumlated interest each year to help fund as many food aid programs as possible.   With your support, you will help to fund food aid programs for many years to come.

Proof of Stake Token

Just by holding BUNZ Tokens can earn some extra tokens based on min coin age.

Food Aid Programs

Buying BUNZ tokens helps provide food aid for people in need around the world.

Bunzola the Proof of Stake Token

Token Specification

Token Name


Initial Suppy

900,000,000 BUNZ

Max Supply

9,000,000,000 BUNZ

Bunz Interest Rate

Yr 1 : 100%, Yr 2 : 50%, Yr 3 - 15 : 10%

Every BUNZ Token helps!

Food Aid Programs

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BUNZ Mining Guide

Holding Your BUNZ

Benefit by earning some extra tokens by holding onto your BUNZ for at least 3 days, greater than or equal to the Min Coin Age..

Mining BUNZ

BUNZ provides two methods to trigger BUNZ mining:
1..Sending a transaction to your own address with any amount of BUNZ.
2.Using MyEtherWallet.com or Mist or any other software that can interact with smart contracts to execute mint() function.

Query Tools for BUNZ

Not sure about your account's coin age or current interest? Executing these functions:
1.annualInterest() : Return current annual interest.
2.coinAge() : Return coin age of your account. Return 0 means that your token doesn't meet the min coin age yet.

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